I’ve never used them…..all my builds have been with the Malibu Intl. hard body, and I haven’t built any lexan bodies yet, so I have little experience here.  I did buy a couple sets from ebay and they look good, but I have not used them, so I can’t honestly tell you if the sizing is right or not.

Kraanist kicked it into high gear and hooked us up with a printable pdf of General Lee stickers.  Go get some decal paper for your printer and let it rip.  Big thanks to Kraanist, thanks cuz!

1op10GeneralLee stickers


Tim Hazzardous Decals Facebook 1

Tim at HAZZARDOUS DECALS offers decals for different scale General Lee builds, (1/10, 1/18, etc.) and he can make any variation or style from the show. If you really want to get that perfect look, check out his decals.  Thanks Tim!


These pics are Tim’s decals on Jason L’s General Lee build.  Looks amazing guys, nice work!

Tim Sherry Decals_001 Tim Sherry Decals_002 Tim Sherry Decals_003 Tim Sherry Decals_004