Wheels n’ Tires

Wheels & Tires

Obviously you can run whatever 1/10 tires and wheels you want, but if you want to know what wheels and tires I’ve used, here they are.  HPI “stock car” wheels.  What width you choose all depends on your chassis.  Some guys can fit 4, 31mm width wheels on their cars, on my current chassis, I could only use 26mm up front and 31mm out back.

Two things that make the HPI wheel different is 1) they do not have real spokes,    2) the HPI wheels only have space for 8 painted spokes where the real Vector rims have 10 spokes. My wheels look like they have spokes because I’ve painted them on with Testors silver model paint with a small paint brush.

hpi 3858 31mma

hpi 3854 26mma

The picturel below is a HPI wheel that has been modified with spokes and center ring.  I did not build this wheel, so I only have the basic details as to how it was constructed.  Click the pic for more details.

General Lee Custom Wheels2a





The picture below is what the real Vector wheel looks like.


The pic below is the silver paint I’ve used to get “spokes.”

testor 1146 silver paint


If you want scale wheels for your General Lee r/c car, Bluant wheels are here! They are cast with a plastic similar to ABS so they’re stronger and will last longer than resin cast wheels.

Contact Bluant wheels @    bluant01@icloud.com

They’re 40.00 GBP / $56.98 US dollars + postage/shipping.

Click on the picture below for a lot more pics  and also check them out on Bluants build page.  Awesome work, thank you to Bluant for producing these wheels!









RC4WD Wheels

ScreenHunter_01 Aug. 13 02.54





If using the HPI rims, you can only use their HPI vintage tires.  There are two pics below, the vintage racing tire and the vintage performance tire.  When HPI first released this series of wheels, only the vintage racing tire was available, so that’s what I used.  In the last year or two, HPI released the vintage performance tire, which looks like a cool street tire.  I’ll be using these on my next builds, but, use what you like.

HPI 2924a

HPI 4793a
















Here they are guys!  Finally, some better wheels for our General Lees!  These pics below have a 15″ style wheel in the front, ( while a pic or two show a wheel in the rear, it’s a 14″ style.)  I’m planning on offering a 14″ and 15″ style wheel, as most of the cars in the series actually used 14″ wheels, but what seems to be more popular on today’s builds are 15″ wheels.  I like both, so whatever suits your taste.   If you have any feedback, please send me a message, thanks fellow General Lee builders!   ( Not available for sale yet, stay tuned! )

GL Wheels_002 GL Wheels_003 GL Wheels_004 GL Wheels_005 GL Wheels_006 GL Wheels_007 GL Wheels_008 GL Wheels_009