Build Pics

Here are some pics of other guys General Lee r/c cars, some real nice, top notch work.  I’ve put the builder’s names with the pics, if by chance I don’t remember or have a record of who built it, I apologize.  If you know who’s car it is, or if it’s yours….send me a message and I’ll put your name on it. A very big and appreciative THANK YOU to everyone who has let me share their General Lee builds on my website, it’s really cool and I hope it inspires other guys to get theirs built.   By each build, I give the body type and chassis type, for more information on either, see the “bodies” page or “chassis” page for more info.

CLICK the picture to see more of their build.

These are all 1/10 scale builds unless otherwise noted. Enjoy!

Here’s mine, ( aka dudebro313 on youtube )

Malibu Intl hardbody on extended Duratrax Vendetta 1/18 buggy chassis Upload generalleerc.com_001 Upload generalleerc.com_002 Upload generalleerc.com_003 Upload generalleerc.com_004 Upload generalleerc.com_005 Upload generalleerc.com_006 Upload generalleerc.com_007 Upload generalleerc.com_008 Upload generalleerc.com_009

2nd RC General Lee Chassis Measurements




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