z Army

Army’s General Lee is built on the original chassis, but it has been upgraded with hobby grade esc/motor and steering.  A bunch of cool details such as the moonshine jugs (pharmacy bottles), hay-bail, the whole freakin’ interior, blacked out the original Malibu wheels, added the tail pipes…oval shaped as well, nice!   Fantastic build, thanks for sharing Army!

(The wood boxes are made from scratch, small cuts of wood, glued together and made vintage by flames.)

Army_001 Army_002 Army_003 Army_004 Army_005 Army_006 Army_007 Army_008 Army_009 Army_010 Army_011 Army_012 Army_013 Army_014 Army_015














And now for Army’s 2nd build, ridiculous! (As in awesomely ridiculous.)

Army_012 Build 2_001 Build 2_002 Build 2_003 Build 2_004 Build 2_005 Build 2_006 Build 2_007 Build 2_008 Build 2_009












If 2 were not enough, then a 3rd is a must!  This build may have some jumps in it’s future….

Let the General fly Army, let the General fly!


build-3_001 build-3_002 build-3_003 build-3_004 build-3_005 build-3_006 build-3_007 build-3_008 build-3_009 build-3_010 build-3_011 build-3_012 build-3_013