z Mickael

Mickael has a highly detailed build that he shares in a couple videos on youtube, ( these are screen snapshots from them.)  I think I’ve found an email address for him so if he wants to share some better pics, I’ll get them posted.  Really nice work, his General Lee looks great.

Thanks Mickael!

mickael mestre_001 mickael mestre_002 mickael mestre_003 mickael mestre_004 mickael mestre_005 mickael mestre_006 mickael mestre_007 mickael mestre_008 mickael mestre_009 mickael mestre_010 mickael mestre_011 mickael mestre_012 mickael mestre_013 mickael mestre_014 mickael mestre_015 mickael mestre_016 mickael mestre_017 mickael mestre_018 mickael mestre_019 mickael mestre_020 mickael mestre_021 mickael mestre_022 mickael mestre_023